In case of an emergency!​

In case of a serious accident or life-threatening illnes -​ DIAL 112

Do​ NOT attempt to carry somebody to the hospital yourself.

In Denmark, you can't get access to a hospital's emergency service without having made an appointment in advance. If you are faced with a serious problem that requires medical aid, ​DIAL 112 and you will get the emergency center that will take care of your problem.

If possible, let a Danish person make the call. Please observe that 112 is the uniform emergency number in Denmark for both police, ambulance and fire brigade.

♥ The defibrillator is placed outside the front door, in a box to the right. ♥

Doors, fire alarm system and keys

​Strandslot is protected by a sophisticated fire alarm system. As a security measure, doors to the flat close and are locked automatically when you leave.

Therefore, please ALWAYS remember the keys, or you risk ending up being locked out from your flat. Very unfortunate, especially at late hours.

Smoking policy

The smoking policy at Strandslot is simple. You are allowed to smoke in the flats, and nowhere else indoors. If you want to smoke, however, we kindly ask you to do this outdoors as far as possible, considering the fact that the guests who come after you may not be very fond of tobacco odour. If a subsequent guest complains the smoker shall receive an extra bill of DKK 500.- for extra cleaning and venting.


You are allowed to bring dogs (not other animals) to your Strandslot flat, provided that the dog does not disturb other guests and that no harm is done to the flat or the furniture. Fee per animal DKK 300.- for extra cleaning.