For more than 120 years Strandslot has played an important role in tourist life on Bornholm. It is a bit funny that it wasn't the Danes themselves who made Bornholm a popular tourist object; as a matter of fact, it was the Germans.

Before the 1st World War (1914-1918) German tourists travelled to Bornholm in great numbers, and they bought a great part of what today we would call the holiday areas. Thus, it was also a German, the ambitious and energetic Max George Reiner who, in 1904, had the "Strandschloß" built as a hotel. In the following years this place became the natural center for health and holiday tourists in the happy and golden summer life on Bornholm.

The great, beautiful and almost majestic building standing at the edge of the sea-shore, automatically attracted the more sophisticated public. The looks, the quality and the situation of the hotel, together with an exceptional style and service, contributed to making the Strandsloß the place for those who were able to pay.

Over the years, several changes and extensions have been made at Strandslot that, for a number of years, was managed as a health resort and an exclusive hotel pension. When the latest owner, Viggo Søgaard-Pedersen who had been a capable and efficient manager for 23 years, wanted to sell the place in the mid-eighties, it was a matter of great concern for him to find a buyer, who was willing to respect the many qualities, the memorable past and the special atmosphere of the house.

To ensure that the comprehensive restoration and modernization that was necessary, would provide the best possible result, the consortium that had bought Strandslot, engaged the architect Søren Elkær Hansen who had successfully headed a number of similar projects, and had received many prizes for his engagement in this field.

In 1987 the consortium could present the result: A beautiful building with the high qualities of the past recreated in every detail and with 27 timeshare flats for sale.

To-day Strandslot Sandvig presents itself more beautiful and more inviting than ever. Everything is kept in the original style and the house is constantly maintained with piety and care by highly skilled craftsmen.

Hotel Strandsloß, postcard, partly colored, 1904.

The photo below - departure from Hotel Strandschloß - is probably from the years before the 1st World War, when the hotel was owned and run by a German management. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer such a service today.