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  Welcome to Strandslot (Beachcastle)– a unique Danish timeshare holiday resort.       We allow ourselves to use such a superlative, not only because of the beautiful           architecture, the inviting flats and the high standard of maintenance of this histori-    cal building, but just as much because of its situation which offers one of the   most    breathtaking views on the island of Bornholm, which in itself represents some   of      Denmark's most exceptional and characteristic nature.

That a house stands only a few steps from the water may sound as an exaggeration. However, as far as Strandslot is concerned this is 100% true. You can't get any closer to the sea, and in two minutes you're at the nearby beach. Bornholm offers you lots of experiences in the fields of art or ceramic, nature, golf or gastronomy – or all four. We look forward to welcoming you at Strandslot.

The Committee of Strandslot Owners

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